Property & Copyright Bárbara Herrnsdorf Photography DSC_0326.jpgInside my birthday card you scrawled –
buy yourself something.

The text message you sent me read –
call when you feel better.

Your voicemail said –
people take taxis after surgery all the time.

You’ll be fine.

What more do you want?

I gave you a place to live.
I put a roof over your head.
I put clothes on your back.
I put food in your stomach.
I took you on trips.
I picked up your dry cleaning.
I bought you pearls for your college graduation.

If you can’t learn to be appreciative
I won’t leave you any of my jewelry when I die.

Is that your legacy?

Did you take the time to pick a gift for me?
Did you come with me to the doctor?
Did you sit by my bedside after my surgery?
Did you hold my hand when the phone call came with the results?
Did you dry the tears on my cheeks after I lost my job?
Did you kiss my forehead as I lay sick?
Did you hug me when I cried?
Did you defend me when people spoke ill of me?
Did you come to visit when I was all alone?
Were you always so near I couldn’t tell the difference between the smell of me or of you?

Were you kind?

Original poetry & photography
by Bárbara Herrnsdorf



STORYTELLING is my love, my life (after God and my husband, of course)! I use PHOTOGRAPHY, WRITING, POETRY and ORAL PRESENTATIONS to tell stories. YES! I AM AVAILABLE FOR HIRE! (Scroll to the bottom for LINKS to some my work!) I recently relocated to MIAMI (goodbye snow!) but I was born and raised in NYC. I am an EU citizen as well and hope to figure out the way to make SPAIN my next home. I think the most essential element for a REWARDING LIFE is developing, nurturing and maintaining QUALITY CONNECTIONS with other people. I believe the quality of a person's character is all that matters and who we are can easily be seen by how we act towards and treat others - not what we wear, what we have, or what we can or cannot buy. I love meeting and engaging with people, talking, getting to know each other, sharing stories, seeing the world from someone else's perspectives and sharing mine. I absolutely love, traveling, biking, hiking, and reading. I am a voracious reader and LOVE LEARNING NEW THINGS in just about any subject at all. I am drawn to INTERIOR DESIGN and my husband and I have built some of our furniture. I enjoy restoring/repurposing things and I make my own handcrafted olive oil soaps, too (http://www.facebook.com/barbaraconamor). I LOVE COLOR although a good majority of my photographs are in black and white! I think a sense of humor and LAUGHTER are important gifts to be lavished wildly and if I ever won the lottery I would get a massage every day. I know the difference a simple SMILE can make and I give them out freely! If given the chance to help someone and I can, I do, and I have learned some of the best lessons in life from my dog - DOGS ROCK! I am sentimental and nostalgic and have been known to cry over a television commercial or the quiver of a word in a song. I love poker, board games, pogo sticks and red wine, of course, not always all together, I find it ruins my poker face! Days that include talking with people (and if over coffee - even better) wandering FLEA MARKETS, garage sales, perusing luxury department stores, magazines, MUSEUMS, book stores, galleries, Chanel red lipstick, swimming in the ocean, beach combing, swinging in a HAMMOCK, eating fresh picked fruit, ROAD TRIPS, Frisbee, and cooking all delight me! I absolutely love LIVE MUSIC of almost any kind imaginable. I am a literature, music, dance and art lover in general but I especially gravitate towards James Baldwin, Frank McCourt, Mark Twain, flamenco, Cuban jazz, John Lee Hooker, classical Spanish guitar, 14th-18th century European paintings and am a very ROMANTIC and PASSIONATE person who cherishes beautiful expression of any kind. Wish to CONTACT ME? Kindly, E-MAIL me at barbara@barbaraherrnsdorf.com regarding: -hiring me -other professional opportunities for photography, writing, or storytelling -my availability -more information -feedback, comments or suggestions I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to visit!
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