STORYTELLING is my love, my life (after God and my husband, of course)!  I use PHOTOGRAPHY, WRITING, POETRY and ORAL PRESENTATIONS to tell stories.

YES!  I AM AVAILABLE FOR HIRE!  (Scroll to the bottom for LINKS to some my work!)

I recently relocated to MIAMI (goodbye snow!) but I was born and raised in NYC.  I am an EU citizen as well and hope to figure out the way to make SPAIN my next home.

I think the most essential element for a REWARDING LIFE is developing, nurturing and maintaining QUALITY CONNECTIONS with other people. I believe the quality of a person’s character is all that matters and who we are can easily be seen by how we act towards and treat others – not what we wear, what we have, or what we can or cannot buy.  I love meeting and engaging with people, talking, getting to know each other, sharing stories, seeing the world from someone else’s perspectives and sharing mine.

I absolutely love, traveling, biking, hiking, and reading.  I am a voracious reader and LOVE LEARNING NEW THINGS in just about any subject at all.  I am drawn to INTERIOR DESIGN and my husband and I have built some of our furniture.  I enjoy restoring/re-purposing things and I make my own handcrafted olive oil soaps, too (http://www.facebook.com/barbaraconamor).  I LOVE COLOR although a good majority of my photographs are in black and white!  I think a sense of humor and LAUGHTER are important gifts to be lavished wildly and if I ever won the lottery I would get a massage every day.  I know the difference a simple SMILE can make and I give them out freely!  If given the chance to help someone and I can, I do, and I have learned some of the best lessons in life from my dog – DOGS ROCK! I am sentimental and nostalgic and have been known to cry over a television commercial or the quiver of a word in a song.  I love poker, board games, pogo sticks and red wine, of course, not always all together, I find it ruins my poker face! Days that include talking with people (and if over coffee – even better) wandering FLEA MARKETS, garage sales, perusing luxury department stores, magazines, MUSEUMS, book stores, galleries, Chanel red lipstick, swimming in the ocean, beach combing, swinging in a HAMMOCK, eating fresh picked fruit, ROAD TRIPS, Frisbee, and cooking all delight me! I absolutely love LIVE MUSIC of almost any kind imaginable. I am a literature, music, dance and art lover in general but I especially gravitate towards James Baldwin, Frank McCourt, Mark Twain, flamenco, Cuban jazz, John Lee Hooker, classical Spanish guitar, 14th-18th century European paintings and am a very ROMANTIC and PASSIONATE person who cherishes beautiful expression of any kind.

Kindly, E-MAIL me at barbara@barbaraherrnsdorf.com regarding:

-hiring me
-other professional opportunities for photography, writing, or
-my availability
-more information
-feedback, comments or suggestions

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to visit!


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